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Facial Cosmetic Surgery by Pottstown Oral Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery is a subset of procedures performed by trained physicians to improve the look or appearance of the patient through surgical or nonsurgical means. The procedures performed at our office range from simple Botox and injectable fillers to blepharoplasty and facial implants. There is a crossover of certain procedures described in other sections that will improve the overall facial appearance such as dental implants and orthognathic (jaw) surgery. The cosmetic procedures offered at our office require an in depth knowledge of the facial anatomy for proper treatment and should be performed by our doctors or other trained physicians. The procedures described below are performed routinely in our practice.

Scar revision - After the repair of cuts, scrapes and lacerations by our doctors or any physician the scar that is left is occasionally more noticeable or unsightly. These can generally be improved through various techniques of scar revision. This ranges from laser resurfacing, dermal abrasion or excisional revision depending on the size and shape of the scar. The technique that is best for you will be discussed with the doctor during the consultation appointment.

Botox and Injectable Fillers - Our surgeons are trained in the administration of Botox and injectable filler materials for the treatment of facial rhytids (wrinkles). Injectable fillers may also be used around the lips and mouth to give a more full appearance. The technique and treatment of each patient is different due to the variation in patients’ ages, skin types and chief complaints. These treatments are NOT for all patients and conditions. You should discuss your desired treatment with your doctor to find out if it is right for you.