Prescription Drug Laws

Dental Surgery Oral Surgery

Recently new laws were passed in Pennsylvania and other states further regulating the prescriptions our patients receive from our practice.  I wanted to use this opportunity to help clear some misconceptions and explain our new office policies as they relate to these changes.  We have been and always will be concerned with the growing epidemic […]

Scar Prevention

Dental Surgery Oral Surgery

Whether it is an accident or surgery, cuts or lacerations to the facial regions can be a difficult thing to manage for doctors and patient’s alike.  As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, all of the doctors in our practice are trained in the cosmetic repair of lacerations and treatment of all varieties of facial trauma.  We […]

Access to Care

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One of the significant problems that the healthcare industry faces is access to care.  Access to care has many aspects but primarily involves the ability of a patient to get an appointment for treatment with a doctor.  Everyone has had the experience of calling a doctor’s office and being told that the earliest appointment available […]

Pain Management

Anesthesia Dental Implants

Recently there have been some concerns amongst our patients with regard to the management of pain through medications post-operatively.  These concerns fall on both sides of the argument where some people feel they haven’t been given enough pain medication and others don’t want pain medications at all.  This is a very tricky subject, not just […]